Ishigaki's Beaches

Ishigaki is home to some of the finest beaches in Okinawa. This page contains a pretty comprehensive list of the island's top beaches along with a couple of 'secret spots' which will no doubt attract more adventurous travellers.

Most Popular

Following is a list of the most popular beaches on the island. With the exception of Yonehara all are officially-sanctioned and have nets which are put in place to protect swimmers during the jellyfish season. Yonehara still remains a grey area, with the local authorities neither endorsing nor preventing swimming at what is the island's most popular snorkeling spot.

Fusaki Beach

Fusaki Beach
This popular beach is located behind the Fusaki Resort Village. Its picturesque pier along with its southwest location make this one of the best places to enjoy a sunset on the island.
  • Excellent views of surrounding islands
  • Wide range of watersports on offer
  • Shower facilities available for vistors
  • Safety net during jellyfish season
  • Pier is a great place to enjoy a sunset

Maezato Beach

Maezato beach
Positioned behind the ANA Intercontinental Hotel and not far from the airport, this is one of the most visited beaches on Ishigaki island. It many not have the charm of some of the islands more secluded spots, but it's well worth a visit for those not wishing to stray far from the city center.
  • Watersports on offer during tourist season
  • Safety net during jellyfish season
  • Just a 5 minute drive from the town center
  • Free use of shower facilities for all visitors

Sukuji Beach

Sukuji Beach
This beautiful beach which is known for its extremely shallow water is located on the north west coast, not far from Kabira bay. If you're in the Kabira area it would be a shame not to make time to visit this lovely spot.
  • Shallow water is family-friendly
  • Superb views from crescent-shaped bay
  • Just 5 minutes by car from Kabira
  • Safety net during jellyfish season

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach. Ishigaki, Japan
Located on the west coast of the Hirakubo peninsula is one of Ishigaki's most stunning beaches. It may be a 50 minute drive from the city center, but if you're a beach-lover and you have access to personal transport or you're willing to take the bus, then this is one spot which you really shouldn't miss.
  • One of Ishigaki's most beautiful beaches
  • Safety net during jellyfish season
  • Showers, lockers and watersport options during the high season
  • Has an idyllic quality which most beaches can't match

Yonehara Beach

Yonehara Beach. Ishigakijima, Japan.
Yonehara's coral reef, which lies just meters from the shore, has made it by far the most popular 'onofficial beach' on the island.
  • Very popular destination for snorkelers
  • Campsite to the rear of beach
  • Free use of campsite's showers
  • Fantastic reef, but strong currents have claimed many lives

Off the Beaten Track

The following beaches are great for individuals who would like to avoid the crowds during the high season. They are a little more difficult to access than the touristy spots, but those who do step off the beaten path to discover the true beauty of the island's coastline are unlikely to be disappointed.

Kuura South Beach

Kuura southDespite the fact that this beautiful beach is visible from the road it remains well off the tourist radar. Located half way up the Hirakubo peninsula this lovely spot is ideal for those of you with access to private transport.
  • Located in a beautiful bay which sees very few visitors.
  • Good quality sand and interesting rock formations.
  • Just 5 minutes drive from Sunset Beach.
  • No facilities or safety nets.

Uganzaki North Beach

Uganzaki north
Located not far from Uganzaki's lighthouse, and with views which stretch as far as the Kabira peninsula, this is undoubtedly one of the best beaches to be found on Ishigaki island. A classic 'secret spot' which even today remains largely off the tourist radar.
  • One of the finest stretches of sand to be found on the island
  • Secluded and seldom visited
  • Officially 'no swimming'.
  • No facilities whatsoever.