Fusaki Beach

Located just behind the Fusaki Resort Village is Fusaki beach. This beach is much like Maezato beach in that, despite being located behind a hotel, it is free to use for patrons and non-patrons alike. This is one of the safest places to swim on Ishigaki island as nets are put in place to protect swimmers from jellyfish. The downside is that swimmers must stick to a relatively confined area, but most people will find the space provided to be more than ample. In addition, parents are likely to feel far more at ease with allowing their children to swim here than at some of Ishigaki's more adventurous spots. Shower facilities are also available.

Fusaki Beach

Beautiful sunsets

Sunset at Fusaki Beach
One thing that Fusaki really has going for it is its south west location which in turn means that it offers fantastic views of surrounding islands. An attractive pier which is positioned on the left side of the beach makes for a great spot to enjoy a memorable view of the sun setting behind the islands of Kohama and Iriomote.
The fact that this beach is primarily used by hotel patrons means that, much like the one at Maezato, it is kept in pristine condition. The quality of sand is also very good, being fine and well suited to beach activities.


Fusaki Resort Village offers visitors the option of using its hot shower facilities for a charge of ¥300 per person. The handy thing about this is that the fee also includes the use of towels. Alternatively the poolside cold showers can be used free of charge. If you're not staying at the hotel you can rent a parasol and a pair of chairs for around ¥1500 for a four hour period.
Water sports
Those of you wishing to take part in some water sports will find that there are many activities on offer such as sea kayaks and pedal boats which can be rented for around ¥3500 per hour. Spend a little more and you can treat yourself to a 15 minute wakeboarding or jet skiing experience.
Fusaki PierFusaki beach's pier is a great place to enjoy a sunset

Getting to Fusaki beach

If you're staying in the city center then Fusaki beach is accessible even if you don't have access to a car. A popular option is to take the Kabira bus line which stops at the beach, or you could rent a bike and take a relaxing 20-30 minute ride along the coast instead.

Fusaki beach entranceFusaki beach resort hotel main entrance.

In order to access Fusaki beach enter the hotel through the main entrance and then exit through a set of sliding doors to the right. From this point a path leads to the beach. Accessing the beach via the lobby like this can seem a little strange if you're not staying at the hotel, however, the staff are very welcoming to both hotel patrons and non-paying guests alike.

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"Although I wouldn't find the thought of a trip to Fusaki beach particularly exciting, it does have a lot going for it, and families in particular will appreciate the safety net, restaurants, and facilities. For me this beach's best attribute would have to be its pier, which offers superb views of surrounding islands."


Best 'touristy' beach

I visited Ishigaki a couple of years ago and I'd say that this is the best of the 'touristy' beaches. It's an amazing spot to watch the sun setting. The beach is clean and the pier makes for a nice atmosphere. The hotel is great place to grab a bite to eat too - prices were more reasonable that I had expected. I wish I'd known about that beach near the Uganzaki lighthouse...this site can't have been around when I visited the island.