Maezato Beach

Maezato beach is positioned on the south east side of Ishigaki island behind the luxurious ANA Intercontinental Ishigaki Resort hotel. Despite being the primary beach for hotel patrons, non-patrons alike are free to use the beach and its shower facilities. The beach is much like Fusaki beach in that swimmers are protected by a net during the jelly fish season. Although those entering the sea must stay within the confines of the designated swimming area, families are likely to feel far more comfortable allowing their children to swim here than they would at some of the more adventurous beaches on the island. In addition, most people will find the space provided to be more than adequate.
Maezato beach entrance,
Maezato beach. Ishigaki islandMaezato beach doesn't offer views of the surrounding islands which can be enjoyed at Fusaki, but the beach is very clean and more than adequate for a day of relaxing in the sun. If you're not a hotel patron you can rent a parasol with two chairs for ¥3000 a day (hourly rental is also available).
Water sports
Maezato beach is also a good spot to try some unguided ocean kayaking. Kayaks and peddle boats are available for hire at the beach with prices ranging from between ¥1500 and ¥2500 per boat for a 30 minute rental. Reef boards, snorkel sets and inflatables can also be rented - check the information board which is located next to the refreshments stand as you enter the beach for more details.
 Maezato beach. Ishigaki island
Free showers 
Another nice thing about this beach is that anybody can use the changing room's showers free of charge, although it should be noted that there is a small charge for using the lockers. The showers are located just behind the refreshments stand near the beach entrance.

Beach access

Whether you are a hotel patron or not, Maezato beach is accessed via the ANA Intercontinental Ishigaki Resort's main entrance. If you're a visitor you should use the car park which is located just after the main gate on the right (don't use the car park on the left). There is a path which leads from the car park to the beach. If you have any doubts don't hesitate to ask one of the security guards or a member of the hotel's staff as they are always very friendly.

"Let's be honest, Maezato is a nice beach – its conveniently located, it offers safe swimming and watersports, the staff are very friendly and the ANA Intercontinental is a superb hotel. However, it lacks that certain something which makes many of the island's beaches so special. Perhaps it's the rather disappointing view or the number of tourists, but I've never been taken aback by its natural beauty as have been with many beaches on the island. It simply lacks that 'tropical island' feel which defines Ishigaki, and in some ways it is reminiscent of a typical beach resort which you may expect to find in Spain. Don't get me wrong – it's very pleasant, and well worth a visit if you're based in the city, but I'd recommend that it isn't the only beach stop on your itinerary."