Sukuji Beach

Sukuji beach, located on the north west coast of Ishigaki, and not far from Kabira Bay, is a lovely spot which should be on any beach fan's checklist. it is set in a bay surrounded by a mountainous landscape, and on a clear day the lighthouse at Uganzaki is clearly visible in the distance. The thing that distinguishes Sukuji from other beaches on the island is the depth of the water, which is very shallow. The seabed also consists of smooth sand rather than coral or rocks, making it great if you simply want to wander out into the luke-warm water and enjoy the sight of small fish darting around your ankles. 

The beautiful crescent-shaped bay makes sukuji quite special

The beach itself is a large one which extends round to the south of the bay from the entrance and to the north there is a small private beach which is owned by a hotel. Another great aspect of this location is the line of trees positioned at the back of the beach which provide shade from the sun throughout much of the day, although particularly during the mornings. Although the quality of sand isn't the best to be found on the island, it is good enough, and you'll find that there are plenty of smooth areas to be found if you walk down the shoreline to the east of the entrance.

The water along the coastline is extremely shallow

Family friendly

Families with small children will be particularly fond of this beach due to the depth of the water. During certain times of the year a net is placed in the ocean to protect swimmers (or paddlers in this case) from jellyfish. For this reason sukuji beach offers parents a great opportunity to relax in the sun while their children paddle in the shallow water.

To the rear of the beach there is also a small adventure playground which is equipped with climbing frames etc.

Overall this is a fantastic spot, but it may not suit people whose objective is to swim or snorkel in the sea (you could try, but expect a mouthful of sand). The beach is located just a couple of kilometers from Kabira Bay and as such a couple of hours here would fit well into a sight seeing schedule which includes Kabira, or even Uganzaki.


Facilities are excellent, with changing rooms and showers which are free to use located to the rear of the beach. Emergency vinegar supply boxes are also found on the beach, just in case an individual is unlucky enough to be stung by a jellyfish (although swimming within the confines of the safety net during the jellyfish season should prevent this).


If you enter the town of Kabira from the south you'll eventually see a sign indicating that you should turn left for Sukuji beach. Make this turn, then turn left where the road splits (pictured below). Follow the road for about a mile, passing the Seamen's Club Hotel, and you'll arrive at the beach's parking area.

Turn right for Club MedTurn left at this fork in the road (signposted Seamens' Club).