jam bar
JAM has all the ingredients which make for a good contemporary bar; the staff are friendly yet professional, the décor is attractive and the atmosphere is welcoming. These factors, in addition to its location, have made JAM a popular venue amongst both locals and tourists wishing to experience Ishigaki's late scene.

JAM opened its doors in 2007 and is owned by Teppei, a mainlander who made the move to Ishigaki from Japan's Saitama prefecture. If you stop by the bar there's also a good chance that you'll bump into Takanori, a really nice guy who speaks far better English than he credits himself for.

Like so many venues on the island JAM tends to get busy after midnight and by the early hours of the morning the bar has usually filled up with a combination of tourists, regulars and girls who have finished their shifts at nearby hostess bars. Doors close at around 5.00am.


The bar is frequently home to live D.J events but JAM also hosts larger events at Mega Hit Paradise, which is located just a few doors down the road. If you're interested in enjoying a club-like experience then it's worth stopping by the bar on a Friday or Saturday night to find out if there's anything of interest going on at either of these two venues over the weekend.



JAM has a comprehensive drinks menu which includes awamori, draught beer, bottled foreign beers, wine, a large selection of cocktails and around 15 varieties of bourbon.


Considering the fact that this is a bar the food menu is quite impressive, and even includes a few special dishes prepared with genuine Ishigaki beef. In addition to snacks, rice omelettes, pizzas and other dishes make for a reasonable selection which should satisfy most customers.


Despite the fact that JAM is located in the heart of Ishigaki's entertainment district it is often missed by tourists due to its 2nd floor location. However, once you know what you're looking for it's actually very easy to find.

roadJAM is located on the left hand side of this road (the entrance is just about visible in the distance).
JAM entranceEntrance. Keep your eye out for the sign. Take the stairs to the second floor. The bar is on the right.