In culinary terms Ishigaki may be known for its beef and Yaeyama soba, but if you’re looking for sushi or sashimi you should head for Akebono, a local, family-run restaurant which was established over 35 years ago.

Fresh seafood

Clearly Akebono's owners have placed an emphasis on quality ingredients rather than decor; this is a modest restaurant with uncompromising local feel to it, which if anything enhances the atmosphere. A refrigerator packed full of fresh seafood runs along the counter, and behind it the father and son team hastily prepare sushi and sashimi dishes for their customers. Make no mistake - if you’re looking for quality seafood this is one of the best places to eat on the island, having earned itself a formidable reputation amongst tourists and locals alike.
sushi chefsTake a seat at the counter and watch the father and son team prepare your order.
fresh fishAkebono prides itself on the quality of its ingredients. Fresh catch was delivered as we ate.


Prices naturally vary considerably depending on what you order, with sushi platters like the one pictured below costing between ¥1050 and ¥2310, with the highest grade option including a slice of prized Ishigaki beef. The menu is extensive, and is not limited to seafood. Other popular options include the 'Tonkatsu Teishoku'  which consists of deep fried pork and sashimi. Seafood lovers will probably prefer the 'Akebono Teishoku', which pairs sashimi with tenpura. Both of these teishoku (set menu) offerings include mozuku, rice, and soup.

It should be noted that there is no English translation of the menu, hence a knowledge of basic Japanese is likely to come in handy when ordering

Sushi platterAkebono's 'Matsu' (highest-grade) nigiri sushi platter includes a slice of raw Ishigaki beef.


Akebono entranceAkebono is found on the western outskirts of the Misakichou entertainment district. Its frontage is rather anonymous, but its ground-floor location makes it relatively easy to find once you’re in the right area.

There is a Coco convenience store on the opposite site of the road, although take care not to confuse this with the main Coco store which is found near the entrance to the nightlife area.




Thank you very much for the advice, we spent a delicious night there even though we did not speak japanese! All meals are just astonishingly fresh & tasty! And the atmosphere is just wonderful!