Meitei is a lesser-known gem of an ‘izakaya’ located in Ishigaki’s city center. It sees few tourists, with the majority of its customers being regulars who return time and again. Don’t let this put you off though; although English is thin on the ground, foreigners are most welcome, and an English translation of the menu is available.


Meitei have done well to set themselves apart from many other establishments in the city center by putting together a well thought out menu which offers some great dishes at surprisingly reasonable prices. Popular choices include:

Ajillo - A classic Spanish dish which consists primarily of fresh shrimps and garlic oil. Meitei's chefs have added their creative touch by preparing it with locally-produced tofu and watagarasu.

Popular choices include Ishigaki beef stew (left) and  'Ajillo', which is prepared with hot garlic oil.
Spicy chicken wingsMeitei's spicy chicken wings and a glass of cold beer make for a great combination.

Cold Yushi Tofu Noodles - Meitei promise a 'new taste experience' with their yushi tofu noodles, which are produced from a variety of tofu that is far softer than regular tofu. Dishes are served with Yaeyama roast pork, green papaya, spicy bean paste and shrimp oil.

Spicy Chicken Wings - After travelling all the way to Ishigaki a plate of chicken wings may not sound like the most exotic of options, but if you're looking for a simple dish to go with a beer then this dish is a great choice.

Gohan Set - This has to be one of the best deals in town. If you're on a budget, or you just fancy a light bite then pop in to Meitei for their 'gohan' set menu which consists of rice, soup and a small side dish for only ¥250.


entranceMeitei is located on a street which is home to a fair few restaurants, but it is still relatively hard to find if you’re not familiar with the city center.

Hopefully, the map below, along with the photo of the entrance (right) should help you on your way. If in doubt, ask a passer-by, or even better, a local taxi driver.




Does John or Barby Sunaguwa still live on Ishigaki ?


Meitei is the name of a community inhabited in the valley districts of Manipur. How does it quite similar with a gem of Japan. I don't know how the term is quite similar with Japan.