Sightseeing on Ishigaki Island

Ishigaki may lack the attractive man-made sightseeing spots such as temples and shrines which the mainland has to offer, but it more than makes up for this in terms of natural beauty. This page contains just a brief summary of the island's sightseeing spots – please remember to 'continue reading' for more information, photos and directions.

Most Popular

It will come as no surprise that the internationally-recognized Kabira Bay is the most visited sightseeing destination on the island. If you have a car then a relaxing drive along the Sakieda peninsula to the lighthouse at Uganzaki also comes highly recommended. Even if you don't have access to personal transport you'll be pleased to know that Yaeyama's most famous lighthouse, which is found on the tip of the Hirakubo peninsula, is accessible by bus.

Hirakubo Lighthouse

Hirakubo Lighthouse, Ishigaki Island, Japan.This lighthouse which is around an hour's drive from the city center is one of Ishigaki's iconic sightseeing spots, having appeared in countless magazines and guide books.
Positioned just a few miles from sunset beach you should really make time to visit this lovely spot if you're touring the Hirakubo peninsula.

Kabira Bay

Kabira Bay. Ishigakijima, JapanOf all the sightseeing spots on the island this is the one which is most frequently used in brochures and guide books to persuade tourists that Ishigaki truly offers paradise in Japan.
Some say that Kabira's charm is suffering from too many boats and tourists but this lovely bay is still a must for visitors to Ishigaki.

Tamatorizaki Viewpoint

Tamatorizaki. Ishigaki island, Japan
Set in lovely grounds and offering tremendous views of both the Hirakubo peninsula and the east coast of the island this is one of the most popular observation points on the island.
On a sunny day the view of contrasting blues being reflected from the ocean is quite incredible.

Uganzaki Lighthouse

Uganzaki lighthouse. Ishigaki Island, JapanThe view from Ishigaki's western cape is one of the most stunning examples of natural beauty that the island has to offer. This is a fantastic place to enjoy a sunset and excellent beaches lie within a few minutes drive of the lighthouse.
If you have access to personal transport it would be a great shame to visit Ishigaki without heading out to this beautiful spot.

Yaeyama Palm Tree Grove

Yaeyama Palm Trees. Ishigakijima, JapanStop off at this spot on Ishigaki's north coast to view 10 meter high palm trees which grow from the base of Mt. Omoto.
A visit to the Yaeyama palm tree grove is likely to take in the region of 20 minutes and would fit well into an itinerary which includes other locations on the north of the island.


Worth Considering

The following spots are also well worth considering – in fact, if the truth be known the view of Hirabanari island on the Kabira peninsula's northern cape is one of the finest on the island, and if it wasn't so hard to find it would probably have been picked up by the Japanese tourist radar many years ago. If you're based in the town center and you have an hour or so to kill in then why not take a short ride along the coast to check out the Toujin monument along with the Kannonzaki viewpoint, which is found just across the road.

Fukido River

Fukido RiverFukido river lies just south of the small town of Nosoko which is located on west coast of the Hirakubo peninsula. Much like the Miyara river the river Fukido is lined with mangroves and is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. This is a great stop-off for observing nature if you're travelling along the Hirakubo peninsula.

Hirabanari Island

Hanabanari IslandIf you're travelling as far as Kabira bay or Sukuji beach you should really make time to head out to this relatively undiscovered spot which offers superb views of Hirabanari island and Kabira's northern cape.

Kannonzaki Viewpoint

KannonzakiThis pleasant observation point is situated relatively close to the centre of town on the south west cape of Ishigaki island.
It's convenient location along with its proximity to surround islands which it offers have made it a popular spot to enjoy a sunset on the island.

Toujin Grave

Toujinbaka is one of the few man-made tourist attractions on Ishigaki island. It is an intricately decorated memorial to 380 Chinese labourers who revolted against their masters when the boat which they were travelling on crashed into rocks near Ishigaki.
The site is also host to a memorial dedicated to the lives of 3 US servicement who were tortured and killed on Ishigaki during the second world war.