Hirakubo Lighthouse

"Located about an hours drive from the town center this iconic spot is one of the finest sightseeing destinations on Ishigaki island. If you're planning on touring the Hirakubo peninsula why not combine a stop off at this beautiful location with a trip to sunset beach."
Without a doubt one of the most spectacular views to be had on the island can be found at Ishigaki's northernmost point where Hirakubo lighthouse is located. The lighthouse is set against a beautiful backdrop of crystal clear waters which surround a small offshore island. Gazing to the east of the lighthouse, views of the imposing rocky hillside which leads down to the beach below can be enjoyed. This sightseeing spot comes highly recommended, particularly to those who enjoy photography, and those who make the trip on a clear day are unlikely to be disappointed.

Hirakubo lighthouse

Of all the sightseeing spots on Ishigaki island, Hirakubo is naturally the furthest from the city, however, a few fit individuals do make the trip by bicycle. There is a small car park at the site, and buses do stop here, if somewhat infrequently. WC facilities and some vending machines are positioned next to the car park but there are no shops in the immediate vicinity. Although it's a long way from the city a trip to Hirakubo is ideal if you also plan on visiting Ishigaki's beautiful Sunset Beach which is just a few minutes to the south by car.

Hirakubo lighthouse,


The lighthouse isn't hard to find but almost everybody drives past the road which leads to it on their first visit. As you approach the lighthouse from the south on the 206 look out for a left hand turn just before the road curves to the right (pictured). This road leads to the lighthouse where there is a free car park, a vending machine and public toilets.