Kannonzaki Viewpoint

Kannonzaki viewpoint is positioned on the south west coast of ishigaki island, just across the road from the Toujin grave. The observation point is set in a small park equipped with shaded picnic tables which provide a welcome escape from Yaeyama's fierce sunlight. Although the location itself isn't of special interest the view which it offers is impressive, and is a great place to watch the sun setting over the East China Sea.
Island views
A stairway which is positioned next to the observation point leads to the lighthouse. The lighthouse itself isn't in any way picturesque when compared to those found at Hirakubo and Uganzaki, but it does provide a better vantage point for enjoying views of the surrounding islands. Taketomi island can be clearly viewed on the other side of the narrow stretch of water which separates it from Ishigaki. To the west Kohama and the imposing silhouette of Iriomote can be seen in the distance.
Kannonzaki viewpoint. Ishigaki.
The of the kannonzaki viewpoint means that a brief visit will fit well into any schedule which involves the western side of Ishigaki island. It's right across the road from the Toujinbaka and only a couple of minutes drive from the beautiful beach at Fusaki.


I'd recommend Kannonzaki to anybody who is looking for a for a quiet spot to enjoy a picnic or a beautiful sunset. It may not possess the stunning natural beauty of spots such as Kabira, Hirakubo or Uganzaki, but it does offer one of the best views of the island chain to be had from Ishigaki. Plus, it's within cycling distance of the city centre.

Kannonzaki bay
Those who climb the stairs to the lighthouse may notice a small bay below to the right. You won't find this narrow stretch of beach, which I refer to as 'Kannonzaki Bay' in any guides, however, it is a lovely spot which tends to be frequented by locals. Access isn't obvious. I found it by leaving the viewpoint's car park entrance and proceeding further up the road at which point I found a small unmarked track on the left which led to the bay.
 Kannonzaki bay


Located not far from the city on the south west coast. Just across the road from the Toujin grave.