Tamatorizaki Viewpoint

Positioned on the north east coast of Ishigaki island, the Tamatorizaki viewpoint represents a key destination for sightseers. A short pathway guides visitors from the car park to the sheltered observation point which offers outstanding views of the Hirakubo peninsula to the north. Sightseers can also enjoy views of two oceans from this viewpoint; the East China Sea, and the Pacific Ocean. A trip to Tamatorizaki would fit perfectly into any schedule involving sights situated on the Hirakubo peninsula, such as the Hirakubo lighthouse or Sunset Beach. It also offers a good alternative for those individuals not wishing to travel to the northernmost point of the peninsula.
Tamatorizaki viewpoint, Ishigaki islandLooking north towards the base of the Hirakubo peninsula.
To the east lies the Pacific Ocean, although according to some maps this is also the East China Sea.