Uganzaki Lighthouse

"This is without a doubt one of my favorite spots on Ishigaki island and one which you really shouldn't miss out on if you have access to private transport. For me there's just something about it which makes it quite special - perhaps it's the huge rock jutting out of the bay below or the sight of beautiful beaches to the south. Why not visit Uganzaki late afternoon to enjoy a wonderful sunset at this western cape."
The lighthouse at Uganzaki marks the north west point of the Sakieda peninsula, which is located on the Ishigaki's west coast. The lighthouse itself may not play as much of a role in the view as the one at Hirakubo does, but the view from its base offers one of the most impressive views to be found on the island. From this point the cliff face drops of quickly, meeting with a picturesque bay at the bottom, and judging by the worn grass in front of the guard rail it would appear that many visitors have hopped over the fence in order to peer over the edge.  
Uganzaki lighthouseCompared to Kabira bay Uganzaki remains relatively undiscovered by tourists, but for many its rugged scenery offers some of the finest views to be found on Ishigaki island.
Uganzaki Lighthouse, Ishigaki Island, JapanThe base of the lighthouse itself forms the main observation platform, but you should also take time to follow the path through the grassed area which extends to the west. This point offers better views of the lighthouse and the cliff face which it is perched upon. In comparison to other places on Ishigaki island the scene at Uganzaki is particularly rugged; a large lone rock formation which protrudes from the ocean will please photographers.
Uganzaki is without a doubt one of the most naturally beautiful sightseeing destinations on Ishigaki island. The journey there is also one to be enjoyed as the road meanders its way through rolling hills; on most days you'll be able to see the Kabira peninsula and Sukuji beach in the distance.
Uganzaki during low tideTaken at low tide. During high tide Uganzaki's bay is completely submerged
Much like Hirakubo, the view at Uganzaki justifies the journey on it's own merits and it would make a great spot to enjoy a picnic in the sun. In addition, given its western position it makes a great spot to enjoy the view of the sun setting over the East China Sea. A trip to Uganzaki would also fit well into a schedule which involves other destinations such as Sukuji Beach or Kabira Bay.
Uganzaki. Ishigakijima, Japan

How to get to Uganzaki

Personal transport such as a rented car is the best way to get to Uganzaki. Unfortunately the lighthouse doesn't lie on any public bus routes, and its distance from the city center means that few people venture as far out by bicycle. However, if you do have a good bike and you're up for a challenge the ride along the peninsula to the lighthouse offers some stunning views (along with very steep hills).



I agree

Yep, I agree with you there Richard. This is definitely one of the best sightseeing spots on Ishigaki island. Given the choice I'd take it over Hirakubo, but it's a close call to be honest.