Ishigaki Bus Timetables

If you don't have access to a car then you can make use of Ishigaki's bus service which connects travellers with the many of the popular tourist destinations on the island. As you'd expect from Japanese public transport the service is well organized with buses arriving and departing on time.

The most popular destinations outside the city are Kabira bay and Yonehara camp, with Kabira being the best connected of the two. It should be noted that despite the fact that neither of these destinations are a positioned particularly far from the town centre (Ishigaki is a small island) the journey takes over an hour due to the number of stops which the buses make within the city.


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Airport Connections

Kabira Line

Yonehara Camp Line

Hirano Line (for Hirakubo Lighthouse)

Ishigaki Bus Terminal

5 Day Bus Passes

Perhaps the best deals to be had on the Ishigaki island are the 5 day bus passes which offer unlimited value at a knock down price. A 5 day pass for the Kabira line is priced at just 1000 Yen. Given that a day return from the city to Kabira costs around 1300 Yen the pass pays for itself even if you are only planning a single journey. This ticket also permits unlimited use of Ishigaki's airport loop line which connect various locations throughout the city with Ishigaki Airport.

There is also a 5 day pass ticket which permits unlimited travel on all routes for just 2000 Yen. This represents fantastic value for money if you're planning to spend a week travelling to various throughout Ishigaki, including those in the centre and on the east side of the island, such as Hirakubo, which aren't covered by the 1000 Yen pass.


Ishigaki's bus terminal is located in the Misakicho area and is positioned just a few minutes walk from the ferry terminal.

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