Airport Bus Connections

Ishigaki's new Airport, which opened in March 2013, is well-connected with the city center by bus, and less frequent lines offer transport to popular destinations such as Yonehara and Kabira bay. Last updated: 10th of March 2013. Note that some stops which are unlikely to be of interest to foreign tourists have been omitted for simplicity. It is recommended that you confirm these times prior to travel.

Note that a 5 day bus pass is available for 2000 Yen. For details of this and other routes on the island check our bus timetables page.

Getting from Ishigaki Airport to the City Center

There are two main bus lines which regularly depart the airport for the city center, both of which terminate at the bus station:

  • Route 4. The first service leaves the city bus terminal at 7.00am, with the journey to the airport taking approximately 45 minutes. Buses run every 30 minutes until 8:00pm, with the last bus departing an hour later at 9.00pm. The first bus from the airport departs at 8.30am. It runs every 30 minutes until 8.45pm, after which there is a final bus at 9.45pm. Note that this service makes a stop outside 'Sanee' supermarket, and is very close to a retail park which accommodates Ishigaki's largest 'Max Valu' branch.
  • Route 10. This also connects the city center's bus terminal with the airport, but the route differs in that it stops at various hotels in addition to the outer island ferry terminal along the way. These hotels include the ANA Intercontinental, Nikko Yaeyama, and the Best Inn. Services from the city centre bus terminal run every 30 minutes from 8.15am until 7.15pm. Buses run from the airport to the city centre from 9.15am until 8.15pm. Note that there is also an earlier bus that departs the airport at 8.15am which stops at all the hotels listed, and terminates at the Nikko Yaeyama, rather than going all the way into the city.

Ishigaki Airport to Yonehara & Kabira Bay

This line also stops off at both Club Med and the Ishigaki Seaside Hotel. Services only run twice a day in each direction, hence hiring a taxi may be preferable - and possibly not much more expensive if several individuals are in your partly.

Important - Bus timetables may be subject to change. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the the times listed, so please use them as a general guide. It is recommended that you confirm timetables with the relevant bus company when planning your trip.

Airport to Kabira

Ishigaki Airport 12:00 15:00
Akanma Soccer Park 12:16 15:16
Yaeyama Palm Tree Grove 12:23 15:23
Yonehara 12:25 15:25
Kabira 12:45 15:45
Club Med 12:55 15:55
Ishigaki Seaside Hotel 13:00 16:00


Kabira to Airport

Club Med 09:58 12:58
Ishigaki Seaside Hotel 10:03 13:03
Kabira 10:08 13:08
Yonehara 10:27 13:27
Yaeyama Palm Tree Grove 10:29 13:29
Akanma Soccer Park 10:36 13:36
Ishigaki Airport 10:52 13:52