Yonehara Camp Bus Line

Yonehara beach. Ishigak island.If you are planning on making the journey from Ishigaki city to Yonehara beach then this is the bus line for you. After getting off the bus the beach is found to the rear of the campsite.

Although the bus terminates at Kabira it should be noted that the 1000 Yen 5-day pass can not be used on this line. If you simply wish to get to Kabira from the city then the Kabira line which runs along the west of Ishigaki island is a better option.

If you plan on making a trip to Yonehara along with at least one other bus journey during a 5 day period then purchasing the 2000 Yen all-routes pass is highly recommended. As the timetable indicates the trip takes around an hour from the city centre bus terminal.

Interestingly the bus operator's timetable indicates that the bus does not stop at Mt.Omoto on the way out, yet it does on the return - this seems rather odd and I'm trying to determine whether they've simply made a mistake here.

Important - Bus timetables may be subject to change. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the the times listed, so please use them as a general guide. It is recommended that you confirm timetables with the relevant bus company when planning your trip.

Last updated: 10th of March 2013. Note that some stops which are unlikely to be of interest to foreign tourists have been omitted for simplicity.

 Yonehara Camp Line (Out)

Ishigaki Bus Terminal 8:30 11:30
Maezato Park 8:35 11:35
ANA Hotel 8:41 11:41
Sanee Supermarket 8:44 11:44
Nikko Yaeyama Hotel 8:54 11:54
Akanma Soccer Park 9:19 12:19
Yonehara Palm Tree Grove 9:26 12:26
Yonehara Beach & Camp 9:28 12:28
Kabira 9:48 12:48
Club Med 9:58 12:58
Seaside Hotel 10:03 13:03


Yonehara Camp Line (Return)

Kabira 13:05 16:05
Yonehara Beach & Camp 13:24 16:24
Yaeyama Palm Tree Grove 13:26 16:26
Akanma Soccer Park 13:33 16:33
Mt.Omoto 13:38 16:38
Nikko Yaeyama Hotel 13:58 16:58
Sanee Supermarket 14:08 17:08
ANA Hotel 14:11 17:11
Maezato Park 14:17 17:17
Ishigaki Bus Terminal 14:23 17:23