ATM Locations and Availability

Many ATMs in Japan do not accept foreign debit/credit cards. The most notable exceptions are:
  • '7 Bank' ATMs which are located inside 24 hour '7 Eleven' convenience stores.
  • Japan Post Bank ATMs which are usually found at post office branches (view map).
In the case of Ishigaki there are no 7 Eleven stores, however, there are a number of JP bank cash machines located throughout the city center, all of which offer and English user interface. These machines allow cash to be withdrawn using a wide range of foreign credit and debit cards.

24 hour cash withdrawals?

JP Bank ATMs are typically only available during normal businesses hours. To be safe it's best to plan for withdrawing cash between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Note that the ATMs of the smaller, out-of-town post offices such as those found at Ibaruma and Kabira operate a limited service on Saturdays (9:00 AM until 12:30 PM) and are not available on Sundays.


Given that complications can arise when trying to withdraw money abroad it's probably wise to ensure that you carry a spare card if possible along with enough cash to last at least a couple of days. Also, do bear in mind the daily cash withdrawal limit of your card; depending on the relative value of the Yen compared to your home currency this limit may be easily exceeded, resulting in a rather concerning declined transaction.

Exchange rates and charges

Note that foreign credit card providers may apply a surcharge for using ATMs abroad, and the exchange rate may compare poorly to that received when directly exchanging your home country's currency for Yen.

ATMs on surrounding islands

In addition to Ishigaki most of the other islands in the archipelago have at least one post office. However, given that opening hours may be limited on weekends it is recommended that cash is withdrawn on Ishigaki island in advance.

Map of Ishigaki's JP Bank ATMs

This map displays the location of Ishigaki island's JP Bank ATMs as of January 2011. Note that with the exception of the 'Sanee' ATM, which is found between the Sanee supermarket and the rear of McDonalds, all of the branches offer full post office services.
ATMs listed in order of proximity to the city center.